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We Believe In Giving Back To Our Buyers, So We Offer Our Buyers a Buyer's Rebate, That Means You Get a CHECK or CREDIT at Closing.

Listings connects you with a Full Service Real Estate Agent in any state where Buyer's Rebates are offered. All of our affiliate agents agree to offer a Buyer's Rebate! We know how important every dollar is and believe in sharing Commission with our Clients to build a long lasting relationship.

Also, don’t confuse offering a rebate with level of service. All of our Buyers receive the same high level service from a Listings Associate, regardless of rebate & regardless of whether they are buying a $100,000 property or a $5,000,000 property.

What do you need to do?  You simply start the search online and we handle everything else. We connect you with full service agents that are ready to give you money back at closing!

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  • Buy a home under $1M and get $500 per $100K of the purchase price.  Home buyers at $1M and above, get 1% ($1000 per $100K) of the purchase price.

  • Listings connects you to a full-service  Local Agent that agrees to give you a Buyer's Rebate at closing

  • No Scams, double-talk, or nonsense

  • Leading local agents in any & every location
  • Free consultation within 24 hours of requesting information

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Tell us what you are looking for & we will connect you with a local Real Estate Professional that has agreed to provide you with a Buyer's Rebate at Closing


Your Agent will help you find a home, submit & negotiate your offer. Then they will manage
the transaction all the way through Closing


On Closing day, you will receive your Buyer's Rebate as either a credit towards prepaids & closing costs or a check paid by the closing agent.

Here Are The States That Allow Buyer's Rebates



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 Can you think of one single reason why you would buy a house using a Real Estate Agent that did not offer you ANY incentive for choosing them to represent you when Buying a home?  

Listings Real Estate Associates offer significant REBATES on ANY RESIDENTIAL MLS® PROPERTY priced over $100,000.  That's correct, the home can be listed by ANY REALTOR at ANY COMPANY... you get a rebate!  


It's a simple choice... do you want zero back or money back at closing? 

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* Flat Listing Fee (FLF) & 1% Listing Fee Programs: $2900 if Listing Price (LP) below $200K;
$3900 if LP $200K – $390K;  1% of LP above $390K.  FLF & 1% Listing Fee does not include Buyer’s Broker Fee. 
Some states ban brokers from offering cash rebates to consumers, see map on Buyers Page to see if your state allows Buyer’s Rebates. Rebates may be subject to State & Federal Income Tax. Buyers should consult with their tax professional concerning implications of receiving the rebate.
Rebates are subject to lender approval. All offers subject to change.  In Real Estate, all commissions are negotiable. 

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